Blood Sugar Issues?

If you have blood sugar issues, check out my new course on It’s called Reverse Your Pre-Diabetes and Finally Lose the Weight“. It’s geared for women but can help men too!

Once you’re diagnosed with Diabetes, your medical costs skyrocket, so avoiding it has financial benefits as well as physical. Diabetes runs in my family and I’ve witnessed firsthand the side effects of this disease.

Bottom line… I’d like to help your family avoid it!

Drown the Migraine with One-A-Day

I’m among the lucky millions with migraine headaches. They started when I was 13. I was told they’d go away after menopause. But, I’m 65, and somehow, my migraines didn’t get the memo!

So, here’s a tip…listen closely and place your ear to the monitor…

The answer is vitamins….

I’m not talking about magnesium, because, yes, that’s a given.

What I’m talking about is water…H2O. Many of my migraines are triggered by dehydration. I forget to drink enough water. I’m busy…not too thirsty…and voila…my body is the grand Sahara. Then boom…the pain. Too late to drink now.

Taking vitamins is a drudgery to me. Opening all of those bottles, swallowing all of those pills, and getting them down with all of that WATER!

Would I be drinking this much water if I didn’t commit to taking these vitamins?

Then it hit me…These vitamins are my migraine prevention program!

There truly is more than one way to skin a cat…

Goodby PC

I’ve lived through the crash of my HP laptop. Unfortunately, I lost some extremely valuable data, but I can only blame myself for not backing it up. Since the first crash and restore, which cost nearly the same as a new computer, I’ve held my breath each time I’ve logged on. Having a PC, for me, was like waiting for the machine to self destruct, but praying it wouldn’t.

Because I knew I was living on borrowed time, I bought a new computer…Windows 8. This was like a replay of stranger in a strange land. When the 8.1 patch was announced, no one that I knew was happier than I. Actually, I didn’t know anyone else with Windows 8, so I can only assume. My elation with the patch was short lived because after I downloaded it, the machine became unusable. The new start button was simply a tease. Nothing opened. Nada.

I’m now the happy owner of a Macbook pro. I’ve switched to Apple. Fool me once, your fault…you know the drill. My  old iMac is seven years old and is still humming along. I finally get it.

PC…hasta la vista, baby…I’m done!

Emotional Eating

Are you an emotional eater?

If you have a tendency to overeat when you’re stressed, you’re not alone! Emotional eating is one of the main reasons why women find it so difficult to lose weight.

When you begin coaching with me, we will use several strategies to help you lose the stress and lose the weight. Sound good?

The coaching program I use includes:

  • meditation
  • nutritional eating
  • stress reduction coaching
  • daily food charting

Goal Setting

We begin by focusing on your goal.

How many pounds do you want to lose?

I like to start clients with a goal of losing ten pounds. However, if you’d like to lose more, we’ll break it down so that you can work towards your goal while still achieving success.

Meditation and Other Strategies

Because meditation is a powerful stress reducer and natural anti-depressant, I have my clients utilize my book, Meaningful Meditation: A 30 Day Journal For Weight Loss and Stress Eating. This is a daily combination of meditation (I’ll teach you how to meditate) and journaling. There are many benefits to both meditation, which is basically a form of relaxation that involves focusing on your breath, and journaling. My clients have found this process to be helpful in both reducing stress and keeping them on track.

I’ll also give you nutrition tips and strategies to gently work into your eating regimen. Because everyone has different needs and lifestyles, our plan will be individualized to fit your particular lifestyle and preferences. This needs to be something that you can do for the rest of your life because diets don’t work!

Because stress drives so much unwanted eating behaviors, we’ll discover where your stress is coming from and develop strategies to reduce it. The more peace of mind you are able to attain, the less you’ll experience cravings as a result of your emotions.

As your coach, I ask that you keep a daily food journal. This is an important piece of the program. You often hear about women who lose lots of weight, but then put it back on plus a few pounds. Research has shown that the difference between women who regain the weight and those who don’t is that those who don’t are the ones who continue to keep a daily food journal. Pretty powerful, huh?

Your Coach’s Role in Your Weight Loss

Finally, my job as your coach is to listen, offer strategies and action steps, hold you accountable, and be your cheerleader on your road to success!

Having a coach means you won’t have to do this alone. Give yourself the gift of coaching!



Trust Yourself (excerpt from my upcoming meditation journal)

                                         “Self trust is the essence of heroism.”

                                                                                               Ralph Waldo Emerson



I don’t know the world population, but I know there are a lot of human beings running around the planet.

One of the factors that differentiates one human from another is the ability to form opinions.

If you’ve ever read the editorial page of a newspaper, you know how passionate individuals can become when it comes to their personal opinions on issues.

With so many issues and points of view, how do you formulate an opinion to call your own?

Actually, it doesn’t really matter how you arrive at your opinion. What matters is that it’s thoughtful.

 In other words, make sure you’ve done your research and are not simply piggybacking on someone else’s oratory.

Once you have an opinion, do you broadcast it on the social networks, impose it on your friends and family, or politely keep it to yourself?

Again, does it really matter?

What does matter is how loyal you are to your own opinions and decisions.

Do you trust yourself?

The ability to trust yourself is enormously tied to your self- esteem and accomplishment.

If your highest loyalty is not to yourself, then to whom do you give your trust? What makes that person fail proof?

The opinions of others hold value as far as opening your mind to other points of view, other options.

But the final say is in your court.

Don’t forfeit the game.

Trust yourself.


Meditation as a Way To Make Things Happen and Achieve Your Goals

If you’re like me, you probably have a lot of unfinished goals and wish lists floating around in your head. The problem is, that’s where they tend to stay…in your head.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn some of these projects into realized accomplishments?

The good news is…you can! I recently wrote a meditation journal and most of the material for the book came to me when I was…guess what…meditating!

Meditation is definitely not a new age airy fairy practice. It’s a powerful technique with both mental and physical benefits, and it’s stood the test of time…I’m talking thousands of years here.
All you need is…well, basically you don’t need much except a quiet place, a few minutes to spare, and a willing spirit. Pretty convenient!

Let me teach you how to make these positive changes happen for you! Start now. Make a list of 5 projects or goals that you’d really like to manifest in your life. As your coach, I’d love to share the benefits and watch you accomplish your goals!

Terry Trower

The Power of Your Thoughts

If you’re feeling depressed, stop for 5 seconds to ask yourself, “What have I been thinking about for the last few minutes?” I can almost guarantee that you’ve been focusing on something that is not particularly uplifting.

This can take the form of worry (imaging fearful future events), ruminating on a past event, or engaging in a pessimistic view of your life in general.

This type of thinking is destructive and diminishes your chances of happiness.

Step One is to catch these thoughts before they develop a life of their own! You have the power. It’s an inside job.

Advice for Getting Through Hard Times

(Here is an entry from my up upcoming meditation journal.)

 “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

                                     -Winston Churchill

Hard times are cyclical…  they come… they go.

Instead of fighting, or bracing against life, allow life to support you.

Trust the signposts that appear along the way.

Life wasn’t meant to be a battle…an uphill climb.

The lessons learned during the hard times are necessary tools for your ultimate good.

Go back to the basics….sleep…nutritious food…positive thoughts.

Don’t forget to meditate.

Above all, relax. Let go.

Keep going strong.

This, too, shall pass.

Thoughts Are Things

If you’re feeling depressed, anxious, or in any way emotionally uncomfortable, the answer is as close as your cranium.

Simply ask yourself, “What was my last thought?”

These five words can set you free. This is because  thoughts create feelings.  Have you ever been really upset about something until someone convinced you to see it from a different perspective?

Instant mood change!

Granted, there are situations for which moods are difficult to dispel. But many times, it’s because we are constantly thinking about these situations in negative ways.

Changing your thoughts is like changing the channel. It takes a little effort, but it takes you to a different place.


Goodby to Il Volo

I totally enjoyed the thrill of listening to Il Volo sing “Smile” to the listening audience on my website. I felt it was an appropriate song for a site that subscribes to the tenets of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

News flash…my excitement was short lived…about as enduring as any techie skill I have ever learned on the computer…learned today…obsolete tomorrow.

Although others had trouble accessing it on their websites, I could get it on mine. I could live with that.

The lifespan of the song was a flash in the pan…maybe a week at most. I signed on, clicked on the icon, and zippo…the death knoll for Il Volo.

Techie I’m not.

When you look at my website, be kind.