The “Stress Coach” comments on Holiday Stress

After I watched “The Passion of Bernadette”, a Catholic brother began to speak about the materialization of the Christmas holidays. It reminded me of how commercial we have become as a society and how Christmas now essentially means malls, meals, and managing stress. I realized how little emphasis I have given in my own life to the spiritual side of the season.

Whether you are a practicing member of a congregation or have your own spiritual practice, the Christmas season is a perfect time to renew your commitment to this practice. There are many stressors during the season that can pull you off course and leave you feeling harried and off-center.

A few tips for keeping a calm head would include exercising, watching your alcohol consumption, watching your words, and scheduling “down-time”.

You are more likely to eat sugary desserts during the holidays and this affects your immune system.

In order to keep your immune system primed, add 30 minutes of daily exercise into your routine.

Alcohol tends to flow during the season and has a tendency to loosen the tongue and lower good judgment.

Imbibe with caution.

Finally, whether you use down time to read spiritual materials, meditate, listen to relaxing music, or just nap, make sure that you schedule this into your day.

Happy Holiday from the Stress Coach!


About trowerteresa

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Stress Coach in private practice in Jacksonville, Florida. I help clients lower their stress levels and enjoy better health. Check out my course "Reverse Your Pre-Diabetes and Finally Lose the Weight" on

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