Over the Holidays I volunteered to take part in an online meditation practice in return for feedback about my experience . I am now in my second week and have stayed, amazingly, pretty faithful to the practice. Before I sound too pious, I have to admit that the beginning meditations are short, some being less than ten minutes. That being said, meditation is a practice I would really like to incorporate into my lifestyle on a permanent basis.

It reinforces my belief that what we focus on increases. The only deep breaths I take seem to be the moment she instructs us to breathe normally. Further, anything from my “to-do” list that pops into my mind during the practice seems like an emergency. “I have to call Sears!” takes on extraordinary significance at that moment and it becomes a huge temptation not to abandon the practice and bolt for the phone.

If you would like to check out the website….


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  1. Our minds are often so cluttered by our to-do lists that it can be almost impossible to clear them. How do you clear your mind enough to begin a meditation?

  2. When a thought enters your mind, you gently let it go and consciously return to the object of your meditation, which is often the breath. If your mind goes to your to-do list 1000 times, you gently bring it back 1000 times.

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