Going Within

There have been several murders in Jacksonville lately that involved children. People are frightened. ..afraid to let their children out the door. I can’t totally fathom what it must be like to be a child today. When I was a kid, from the moment I swallowed my last gulp of cereal until the moon was high in the sky, I was outside. The entire block was my beat. Occasionally, I guess I worried about kidnappers because the nuns warned us about bad people, but for the most part, life was one big outdoor extravaganza.

Everyone needs to feel safe. As adults, we buy our guns and our alarm systems and lock our doors. But no one system can guarantee peace of mind. Peace of mind comes from within. It must be developed, nurtured, and tended. Whether your peace comes from meditation, prayer, gazing at nature, or petting a cat, it’s a distinctly individual form of solace.  It’s not only for ourselves, but our responsibility to teach the next generation how to foster a sense of peace within themselves regardless of what’s going on in the crazy outer world.


About trowerteresa

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Stress Coach in private practice in Jacksonville, Florida. I help clients lower their stress levels and enjoy better health. Check out my course "Reverse Your Pre-Diabetes and Finally Lose the Weight" on Udemy.com

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