PreDiabetes Explosion

I read yesterday that 79 million Americans now have been diagnosed with PreDiabetes.However,  these numbers represent the ones who go to the doctor, have their blood drawn, and know their numbers. Think of the additional millions who are walking around with the condition and don’t even know it. PreDiabetes is dangerous in that it can easily turn into Type 2 Diabetes, which can result in kidney failure, blindness, peripheral neuropathy, and amputations to name a few of the side effects. While Type 2 Diabetes can sometimes be reversed and can always be controlled, PreDiabetes can definitely be reversed, taking you totally out of the danger zone. But it’s hard to work on reversing it if you don’t know you have it.

I heard one more story yesterday about a gentleman who was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes by his opthamalogist. In fact, many people are diagnosed by their eye doctor because Diabetes affects the eyes. The damage is easily detected during a routine eye exam. My point here is that everyone should know their glucose number. If you have PreDiabetes, it is easily reversed. Don’t wait until it’s full blown.


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  1. I believe I may schedule an eye exam soon. Thanks Teresa for this update.

    • In diabetes, small vessels can be affected. Small blood vessels are called capillaries and they supply blood to the eyes, kidneys, fingers, and toes. In diabetes, weak spots develop in the walls of the smallest blood vessels. Balloon-like outpouchings called microaneurysms occur which are known as diabetic retinopathy.
      Lutein and green leafy vegetables are great for eye health!

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