Are You An Introvert?

I just read with some amusement Psychology Today’s description of an introvert as someone who regarded going to a party as being held in a holding cell. That may sound dramatic, but for some introverts, this may be the case.

Socially, the biggest different between introverts and extroverts lies in their expression…not their sociability. For example, an introvert may be having a scintillating conversation inside his own mind, with his own flowery asides about what is going on at the party. “Oh, there’s Fred…haven’t seen him in years! Wonder who he’s with?…yada, yada, yada.” To the casual extroverted observer, it appears that the introverted partygoer is bored or even wallflowery. This usually prompts the dreaded question, “Are you having fun?”

Fun for an introvert is a small group gathering where ideas can be exchanged and pondered. Large parties are simply tolerated. Parties require quick off-the-cuff responses. This is where the introvert brain is constantly playing catch up. Introverts filter their thoughts and then decide which thoughts to share. Extroverts share almost every thought with little filtering. Extraverts are more likely to say things like, “Oh, I really wish I hadn’t said that,” while introverts say, “This is what I should have said.”

Introverts usually need downtime after socializing. So, if you are an introvert and you’re going to a party, I have four words for you…take your own car.


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  1. Is it possible to be an intro/extro-vert? A blend of both?

  2. Yes, Think of introversion and extroversion as two ends of a long line with introversion on the left half and extroversion on the right. Some people are smack in the middle. Others tend to be fairly introverted or extremely extroverted. It’s not a black and white, either/or issue. Actually, most people are a combination of both, but tend to have a dominant preference.

    For example, an introvert may use all of her extroverted tendencies at work, but need down time when she gets home to recharge her batteries. An extrovert would leave work looking for more people to interact with as a way of recharging her batteries. We all have both sides, although one is more dominant than the other and represents your preferred way of being. For a lot of people, it comes down to what gives you energy and what depletes you.

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