Emotional Eating

Are you an emotional eater?

If you have a tendency to overeat when you’re stressed, you’re not alone! Emotional eating is one of the main reasons why women find it so difficult to lose weight.

When you begin coaching with me, we will use several strategies to help you lose the stress and lose the weight. Sound good?

The coaching program I use includes:

  • meditation
  • nutritional eating
  • stress reduction coaching
  • daily food charting

Goal Setting

We begin by focusing on your goal.

How many pounds do you want to lose?

I like to start clients with a goal of losing ten pounds. However, if you’d like to lose more, we’ll break it down so that you can work towards your goal while still achieving success.

Meditation and Other Strategies

Because meditation is a powerful stress reducer and natural anti-depressant, I have my clients utilize my book, Meaningful Meditation: A 30 Day Journal For Weight Loss and Stress Eating. This is a daily combination of meditation (I’ll teach you how to meditate) and journaling. There are many benefits to both meditation, which is basically a form of relaxation that involves focusing on your breath, and journaling. My clients have found this process to be helpful in both reducing stress and keeping them on track.

I’ll also give you nutrition tips and strategies to gently work into your eating regimen. Because everyone has different needs and lifestyles, our plan will be individualized to fit your particular lifestyle and preferences. This needs to be something that you can do for the rest of your life because diets don’t work!

Because stress drives so much unwanted eating behaviors, we’ll discover where your stress is coming from and develop strategies to reduce it. The more peace of mind you are able to attain, the less you’ll experience cravings as a result of your emotions.

As your coach, I ask that you keep a daily food journal. This is an important piece of the program. You often hear about women who lose lots of weight, but then put it back on plus a few pounds. Research has shown that the difference between women who regain the weight and those who don’t is that those who don’t are the ones who continue to keep a daily food journal. Pretty powerful, huh?

Your Coach’s Role in Your Weight Loss

Finally, my job as your coach is to listen, offer strategies and action steps, hold you accountable, and be your cheerleader on your road to success!

Having a coach means you won’t have to do this alone. Give yourself the gift of coaching!




About trowerteresa

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Stress Coach in private practice in Jacksonville, Florida. I help clients lower their stress levels and enjoy better health. Check out my course "Reverse Your Pre-Diabetes and Finally Lose the Weight" on Udemy.com

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