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Drown the Migraine with One-A-Day

I’m among the lucky millions with migraine headaches. They started when I was 13. I was told they’d go away after menopause. But, I’m 65, and somehow, my migraines didn’t get the memo!

So, here’s a tip…listen closely and place your ear to the monitor…

The answer is vitamins….

I’m not talking about magnesium, because, yes, that’s a given.

What I’m talking about is water…H2O. Many of my migraines are triggered by dehydration. I forget to drink enough water. I’m busy…not too thirsty…and voila…my body is the grand Sahara. Then boom…the pain. Too late to drink now.

Taking vitamins is a drudgery to me. Opening all of those bottles, swallowing all of those pills, and getting them down with all of that WATER!

Would I be drinking this much water if I didn’t commit to taking these vitamins?

Then it hit me…These vitamins are my migraine prevention program!

There truly is more than one way to skin a cat…